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Basic Fun Run Services

- We will build a donation website for every student in the school so parents can donate and share easily!

  • Most programs start at 70% Profit!

- We provide a staff member at your school during the campaign to hand out daily rewards, execute special parties, answer questions, and help to drive donations!

- We provide a motivating pep-rally for all of the students to showcase all of the rewards!

- We come out for a special teacher meeting to train and inform the teachers about the program!  (Breakfast treats provided!)

- We take care of fun run day!  We provide DJ booth, tunnel, cones, water stations and staff to make sure your event is AWESOME!

-  Need help counting the money? Our staff will help at no extra charge!

- We can provide an "extra" principal party at the end of the sale! (ex. pie the principal, tape the principal to wall, toilet paper party, etc.)