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Cookie Dough & Desserts

Make 40% Profit with our HUGE variety brochure.  All orders are pre-packed by seller.  Featuring Uncle Dave's Cookie Dough! Combine with our gift catalog for a HUGE sale!

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Gift Wrap & More

Make 50% Profit with our quality Gift wrap, chocolates, kitchen gadgets, and many more gift items!  This brochure has enough variety to satisfy everyone!  Combine with the Cookie Dough brochure for MONSTER sales!

Product Services

- We will count, print and sort all of your packets for you!
- We provide sales-tracking posters for every classroom!
- We provide a script of daily announcements and parentlink messages for the campaign!
- We provide a motivating pep-rally for all of the students to showcase all of the rewards!
- We provide a full delivery staff.  No volunteers are needed for our delivery!
- All of the orders are pre-packed by seller, ensuring a smooth delivery.
-  Need help counting the money? Our staff will help at no extra charge!
- We can provide an "extra" principal party at the end of the sale! (ex. pie the principal, tape the principal to wall, toilet paper party, etc.)